Dienstag, 23. November 2010

In the press... In the shooting... The Irregular Stripes | Product Profile

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Passion of Perfection

1) Irregular Stripes on Artistic Director Fritz Strempel - InStyle special FashionWeek publicaiton 2010.
2) Irregular Stripes on Eliane Heutschi - Shooting SpringSummer.2011 Collection.

The "Irregular Stripes" is a collection that was launched to transcend the boundaries between an accessory collection and a unique piece. With only a conceptual design lead, we let the final layout of the stripes be the result of the sudden intuition of our valued weavers. Through this, the red stripes unfurl inrregulary across the shawl, creating a dynamic and rythmical pattern. The spontaneous inspiration of our master weavers therefore turns every one of the shawls into a unique piece of unmachatchable intrinsic value.

Crafted completely by hand. Every piece singned by its master.

Available upon request. www.fittipahris.com