Freitag, 13. Mai 2011

The limited collection of Spring/Summer 2011

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"See how the setting sun, with ruddy glow,

The green-embosomed hamlet fires!

He sinks and fades, the day is lived and gone,

He hastens forth new scenes of life to waken.

O for a wing to lift and bear me on,

And on, to where his last rays beckon!

Then should I see the world's calm breast

In everlasting sunset glowing,

The summits all on fire, each valley steeped in rest,

The silver brook to golden rivers flowing."

(„Abendsonne“ in Faust,
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

Our limited collection of Spring/Summer 2011 puts just this feeling, which Goethe had beautifully put into words, into pictures and products. Having been the summer home for many royal families, the Chateau de Longecourt in Burgundy, our unique setting of the collection’s campaign shooting, tells countless stories of such beautiful seasons: All windows wide open, it allows a light breeze, heated by the sun-blessed stones, to move gently through the lavish halls. The leaves of the imposing oak trees rustling in the warm wind and crickets chirping, are the only sounds to break the relaxing silence of those summer evenings. It is the perfection and passion within such moments that inspired us.

The collection presents a line of knits in a blend of fine baby cashmere and light Matka silk. Together, they create an airy and divine feel. Another highlight is the „Breeze Count“ shawl, in which we were able to use the historic experience of our masters, to create the thinnest hand knitted shawl ever made. So fine it feels like warm air...


Be fabulous.


Fritz Strempel

Artistic Director | Fitti Pahris Cashmeres


!!! Note: Only out this week and already almost sold out !!!
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Campaign | Photography Malte Babion |

Models: Eliane Heutschi, Kaja Eggenschwiler,Patricio Ladron De Guevarra |

Artistic Direction: Fritz Strempel |