Sonntag, 27. Juni 2010

The perfect liaison of high culture and luxury - Fitti Pahris Cashmeres presents an exclusive campaign with the rising opera tenor Germán Villar.

Opera embodies the standard of ultimate perfection: only if every individual, from the tenor to the violinist, from the conductor to the pianist, achieves individual perfection, we can indulge in a true masterpiece. In this, we see a perfect reflection of the philosophy of Fitti Pahris Cashmeres: Passion Of Perfection!

Owing to the rarity of this material, for many centuries cashmere was for a long time accessible only to royals, maharajas and a select few - a noble background which created the ultimate standards of craftsmanship in spinning, dying, weaving and embroidery. Today, Fitti Pahris Cashmeres upholds these rarely-kept traditions of the most luxurious artisanship in the history of textiles:

We only work with families who have inherited the knowledge and passion for this tradition over many generations. Each piece leaving our ateliers in Kashmir/India and Kathmandu/Nepal is crafted solely by hand and carries the unique marks of its individual craftsman. In this way, Fitti Pahris Cashmeres strives to sustain an absolute standard of luxury, and continues this noble cultural heritage.

Consequently the cooperation with the rising opera star Germán Villar is perfectly natural. Germán Villar, born in 1975 in Valencia, Spain, embodies those worthwhile values like no other: His glamorous appearance and his unmatched voice have carried him to the most prestigious and esteemed stages of the world. His early accession to the elite group of the world’s finest tenors is the result and success of the ceaseless application of his - and our - philosophy: Passion of Perfection!

Dear friends,

Today, the luxury industry is commonly said to be “selling dreams“.
Selling dreams? We think not. In times of luxury retail “temples“ and
breathless tendecies it appears rather like a rush than a dream.

A dream means to be inspired, enthused, to be touched, fascinated and
energized, to make the impossible possible, to give hope and to allure...
But what is the true source for these emotions and dreams in times like these?
Today‘s luxury industry certainly is not. The only channel that provides such
dreams and emotions, always and untouched by crisis, bubbles and
resignation is - and has always been - art!

Therefore the question of whether our industry and art can have synergies,
overlaps and interaction is absolutely manifest. And the answer is as simple
as the gap between a modern luxury brand and an artist seems wide:
Art, of any type, is the fruit of a mentality, a reception and expression.
This mindset is open to be applied to anything, even to the structures
of a luxury brand.

Art and the arts, culture and cultures, are no superficial marketing factor,
they are the sole source of our inspiration, they drive and guide us,
they make our work colorful and always fair-minded.
They are the heart of Fitti Pahris Cashmeres.
In the blog, we will share those inspirations with you, we will show what drives us
and we will discuss with you what makes us follow this unique path in the industry.
Walk this path with us!