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The Final Summer Sale:

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Montag, 18. Juni 2012

Yes, that's how we like it! Oh Johnny Collection Launch in Zurich.

In times of big retail chains, of faceless brands and entirely homogeneous styles across most parts of this planet, we simply love some fresh air of passion and personality in the industry. Well, thankfully we are not alone with this feeling and so it was just this fresh breeze we could pick up at this weeks launch of the latest collection of OH JOHNNY! The Zurich based Swiss-American journalist Stephanie Rebonati is the face behind the young jewelry label and -this we like most- puts her personal passion for jewelry into the production of each individual piece. In result we can enjoy her unpretentious, calm and elegant line of necklaces, wristbands and pendants. The name of her brand comes from her grandfather John who inspired her to found the label. And, of course, at the collection's launch event in a beautifully hidden antiques atelier in Zurich's Seefeld neighborhood, John joined her to add a remarkably personal atmosphere to the great event.  

Oh Johnny! is available at selected retailers only. See the collection online and be inspired at

Freitag, 13. Mai 2011

The limited collection of Spring/Summer 2011

-click on images to enlarge-

-click on images to enlarge-

"See how the setting sun, with ruddy glow,

The green-embosomed hamlet fires!

He sinks and fades, the day is lived and gone,

He hastens forth new scenes of life to waken.

O for a wing to lift and bear me on,

And on, to where his last rays beckon!

Then should I see the world's calm breast

In everlasting sunset glowing,

The summits all on fire, each valley steeped in rest,

The silver brook to golden rivers flowing."

(„Abendsonne“ in Faust,
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

Our limited collection of Spring/Summer 2011 puts just this feeling, which Goethe had beautifully put into words, into pictures and products. Having been the summer home for many royal families, the Chateau de Longecourt in Burgundy, our unique setting of the collection’s campaign shooting, tells countless stories of such beautiful seasons: All windows wide open, it allows a light breeze, heated by the sun-blessed stones, to move gently through the lavish halls. The leaves of the imposing oak trees rustling in the warm wind and crickets chirping, are the only sounds to break the relaxing silence of those summer evenings. It is the perfection and passion within such moments that inspired us.

The collection presents a line of knits in a blend of fine baby cashmere and light Matka silk. Together, they create an airy and divine feel. Another highlight is the „Breeze Count“ shawl, in which we were able to use the historic experience of our masters, to create the thinnest hand knitted shawl ever made. So fine it feels like warm air...


Be fabulous.


Fritz Strempel

Artistic Director | Fitti Pahris Cashmeres


!!! Note: Only out this week and already almost sold out !!!
To save one of the last limited pieces, order quickly at


Campaign | Photography Malte Babion |

Models: Eliane Heutschi, Kaja Eggenschwiler,Patricio Ladron De Guevarra |

Artistic Direction: Fritz Strempel |

Dienstag, 23. November 2010

In the press... In the shooting... The Irregular Stripes | Product Profile

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Passion of Perfection
1) Irregular Stripes on Artistic Director Fritz Strempel - InStyle special FashionWeek publicaiton 2010.
2) Irregular Stripes on Eliane Heutschi - Shooting SpringSummer.2011 Collection.

The "Irregular Stripes" is a collection that was launched to transcend the boundaries between an accessory collection and a unique piece. With only a conceptual design lead, we let the final layout of the stripes be the result of the sudden intuition of our valued weavers. Through this, the red stripes unfurl inrregulary across the shawl, creating a dynamic and rythmical pattern. The spontaneous inspiration of our master weavers therefore turns every one of the shawls into a unique piece of unmachatchable intrinsic value.

Crafted completely by hand. Every piece singned by its master.

Available upon request. 


Mittwoch, 13. Oktober 2010

Fall Update | Fitti Pahris Cashmeres at NewYorkFashionWeek

Well, the Fashion Weeks of New York and elsewhere are over and the hectic pace is slowly calming down. Time to realize what a gorgeous Indian summer we were blessed with this year -- New York City dipped in rich and soothing autumnal colors. Time to recall.

Had this season's Fashion Week not been anticipated to be the week of change? Would liberating the event from the homey tents in Bryant Park to the wide open spaces of the Lincoln Center actually allow a fresh wind to blow through the event? Before we go even deeper ino this debate --  don't worry -- the event's classics remained unaffected: Naomi Campbell caused a serious traffic jam again, Donald Trump was the least fashionable guest and, no, Anna's hair had still not changed. At the end of the day, it's still in New York, thankfully. But on the runways and in the showrooms? 

Let us first look at the NY classic: Marc Jacobs. After a plain beige and natural unsophistication throughout his last collection, we finally saw him adding those rich and silky colors in rubin and magenta, in almost ETRO-like contrast to warm rust and orange. Again, his silhouettes float and shapes lose their distinct coherence with the body. This was clearly one of our highlights. However, regardless of the old NY classics, from Michael Kors to Donna Karan, which are still absolutely gorgeous, the promised change happened elsewhere: Alexander Wang, Cushnie et Ochs, Derek Lam and most impressively, Jason Wu and Prabal Gurung. This is the future of NewYorkFashionWeek.

For us, here at Fitti Pahris Cashmeres, this fashion week will be remembered, too. The change of our showroom location from TriBeCa to the Penthouse on West 57th Street allowed us to move right into the center of the action. And as a result, with more stores and exclusive retail events on the agenda, we were able to turn the growing attention on our brand into concrete results. 

"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower"  
(Albert Camus) 

Well, what a start into the most beautiful season of the year this has been. Enjoy!

Passion Of Perfection  

Warm wishes, 
Fitti Pahris Cashmres

Dienstag, 5. Oktober 2010

The story of Fitti Pahris Cashmeres on the magazine covers

“Nothing limits achievement like small thinking; 
nothing expands possibilities like unleashed imagination.”  

William Arthur Ward 
(American Writer)

All we do, is only possible with the kind 
trust, support and appreciation by you!
Thank you so much. In the name of all,
Fritz Strempel & Christopher Kopp

Passion Of Perfection

(The above published images are from the unreleased campaign of Spring/Summer11 and are subject to  strict copyrights of Fitti Pahris OHG. Publishing until January 2011 only with permission. Please contact us at Campaign shot by Malte Babion) - -

Samstag, 4. September 2010

“Like or Dislike, that is the question.” On the impact of digital fashion discourse and perfection in everyday life

Though fashion blogs have been around for awhile, their influence and recognition in the world of fashion and culture are increasing at great pace. THE blogger icon Gunnar Hämmerle has been publishing his blog StyleClicker ( since 2006. The complete assortment of his published photographs has now been brought to the museum with the exhibit “StyleClicker City – People of the 21st Century“, at Dusseldorf’s NRW-Forum.

Here, his pictures are not hung in classic frames on the white museum walls but are instead digitally projected onto large white screens. The life-size images of the people photographed, along with the added sound of crowded streets, thus appear to be present and awaiting critical evaluation from the spectator: Like or Dislike, that is the question! Whether it is the girl next door or the handsome guy from the mall or icons like Marc Jacobs or Sara Nuru, it seems as if everybody becomes the focus of his works. Gunnar Hämmerle told Elle Magazine that the pristine individuality of every individual is what creates true style and not what is commonly considered as fashionable. Only fashion that reflects the unique personality of the wearer makes it to his strong photographs.

The display of fashion blog photographs in the setting of a museum shows one significant step bloggers took away from the old image as ”leisure journalists” and ”after-work photographers”. Things have clearly changed this time. Bloggers like Diane Pernet (A shaded view of fashion) have become a driving force in the fashion discourse and have even made their way to the Fashion Weeks’ first rows, rightfully next to an Anna Wintour. In a time of constant change and progress, blogs are able to react immediately and the content can be changed and updated constantly from and to any location in the world. Print media is bound to its publishing schedule and readers are hardly able to step in and engage in a direct discussion on the content, re-post it or comment on it. This alone allows trends and tendencies to spread much faster than ever before.

But what is the downside of this type of journalism? Today, quite obviously, quality journalism isn’t the common standard on the web. Online media, especially blogs, are often based on little research and undergo little editorial verification. Typing errors and an uncomfortable reading fluency are the result of the breathless haste of this media. Whereas print media has to undergo much more intense research, the quality of blogs is much harder for the reader to judge. At the same time, however, this type of publication alone caused the first scratches on the glamorous and shiny cover of the fashion industry. Through much more in-depth reflection and revelations.

Gunnar Hämmerle, the focus of the above exhibition, does not show fashion in perfection. His perfection, rather, is the individuality of peoples’ styles. They show the extraordinary in the ordinary of every day. This individuality in style is, as one way of personal expression, a result of the need to live and evoke emotions. Through your clothes, your photographs, or blog. It is this individuality and passionate expression that enriches our lives, not the perfection in its result. Therefore, Gunnar Hämmerle’s journalism focuses not on “Fashion of Perfection”, but rather on the passion of the individual style that creates perfection. In this, one can see the perfect reflection of the philosophy of Fitti Pahris Cashmeres:

Passion Of Perfection.

Guest Editor: Tina-Marie Adam, Institute for Fashion Journalism, AMD Germany.

Montag, 26. Juli 2010

Exhibition Report: Dysfashional Berlin | Maison Martin Margiela |

In a calming contrast to the breathless hype of this year’s MercedesBenz FashionWeek Berlin, the city hosted the Paris based exhibition "Dysfashional". It is an exhibition that changed our concept of fashion, of art and their overlaps. The pieces displayed, created by some of the most esteemed fashion designers of today, are a refreshing reaction to a "literal" notion of fashion as uni-dimensional collections of clothing and accessories. The prefix "dys" perfectly mirrors this disturbance to the process, the element of blurring the lines between the concept of a garment and a piece of art.

We found "Production Originale" (2007-2009, Produktion Mosign, Luxemburg) by Maison Martin Margiela one of the most inspiring installations. The installation of classical room interiors, reduced to the black and white life-size print of the rooms' walls on simple white screens, creates only an optical illusion of the spaces. This well-thought out and archaic Trompe-l’œil appears as an unmasking of the construction of beauty. It reveals the message that little is needed to evoke what we perceive as beautiful. It is the demystification of design.

This approach of revelation and demystification of design is a touchstone of the integrity of brands in today's hectic luxury fashion industry. For us, this approach gives the chance to reflect on your work and helps us to reach what we call our philosophy:

Passion Of Perfection

Freitag, 9. Juli 2010

Art as inspiration - Our highlight of the ArtBasel 2010: Ran Hwang

Ran Hwang
"Dreaming of Joy", 2009
Buttons, pins, panel, 120x270cm
Kashya Hildebrand Gallery
at SopeBasel 2010 during ArtBasel2010.

"For art establishes the basic human truths which

must serve as the touchstones of our judgement. The

artist faithful to his personal vision of reality,

becomes the last champion of the individual mind and

sensibility against an intrusive society and an

offensive state.”

(John F. Kennedy)

How right Kennedy was. Art inspires us and inspiration is the ingredient that makes our lives extraordinary. The yearly ArtBasel, the world's most esteemed display for artists, allows us each year to face an avalanche of inspirations and impressions. One artist, however, has touched our senses and taken our breaths away this year the most: Ran Hwang.

The Korean artist, born 1960, creates pictures of unique expression. Using thousands of simple buttons and pins, she creates large wall installations that only from afar show their breathtakingly vivid picture. Through the immensely repetitive manual work facing the white wall, she says, the experience of her own installations is a form of performance that leads toward finding oneself, like a monk practising Zen.

What struck us in her works was the vision which leads her from the first hammered pin to the precise, vivid and emotional expression of the finished work. Her installations represent a fight for freedom of the individual mind and expression and serve us as a touchstone of our judgements. But regardless of all intellectual examination, it is the incredible beauty of her work that left us speechless.

In the end, it was the vision within her work, the breathtaking beauty of its expression, and the inspiration her message gives that moved us deeply.

In all her works, we see the ceaseless application of her -and our- philosophy:

Passion Of Perfection

Sonntag, 27. Juni 2010

The perfect liaison of high culture and luxury - Fitti Pahris Cashmeres presents an exclusive campaign with the rising opera tenor Germán Villar.

Opera embodies the standard of ultimate perfection: only if every individual, from the tenor to the violinist, from the conductor to the pianist, achieves individual perfection, we can indulge in a true masterpiece. In this, we see a perfect reflection of the philosophy of Fitti Pahris Cashmeres: Passion Of Perfection!

Owing to the rarity of this material, for many centuries cashmere was for a long time accessible only to royals, maharajas and a select few - a noble background which created the ultimate standards of craftsmanship in spinning, dying, weaving and embroidery. Today, Fitti Pahris Cashmeres upholds these rarely-kept traditions of the most luxurious artisanship in the history of textiles:

We only work with families who have inherited the knowledge and passion for this tradition over many generations. Each piece leaving our ateliers in Kashmir/India and Kathmandu/Nepal is crafted solely by hand and carries the unique marks of its individual craftsman. In this way, Fitti Pahris Cashmeres strives to sustain an absolute standard of luxury, and continues this noble cultural heritage.

Consequently the cooperation with the rising opera star Germán Villar is perfectly natural. Germán Villar, born in 1975 in Valencia, Spain, embodies those worthwhile values like no other: His glamorous appearance and his unmatched voice have carried him to the most prestigious and esteemed stages of the world. His early accession to the elite group of the world’s finest tenors is the result and success of the ceaseless application of his - and our - philosophy: Passion of Perfection!

Dear friends,

Today, the luxury industry is commonly said to be “selling dreams“.
Selling dreams? We think not. In times of luxury retail “temples“ and
breathless tendecies it appears rather like a rush than a dream.

A dream means to be inspired, enthused, to be touched, fascinated and
energized, to make the impossible possible, to give hope and to allure...
But what is the true source for these emotions and dreams in times like these?
Today‘s luxury industry certainly is not. The only channel that provides such
dreams and emotions, always and untouched by crisis, bubbles and
resignation is - and has always been - art!

Therefore the question of whether our industry and art can have synergies,
overlaps and interaction is absolutely manifest. And the answer is as simple
as the gap between a modern luxury brand and an artist seems wide:
Art, of any type, is the fruit of a mentality, a reception and expression.
This mindset is open to be applied to anything, even to the structures
of a luxury brand.

Art and the arts, culture and cultures, are no superficial marketing factor,
they are the sole source of our inspiration, they drive and guide us,
they make our work colorful and always fair-minded.
They are the heart of Fitti Pahris Cashmeres.
In the blog, we will share those inspirations with you, we will show what drives us
and we will discuss with you what makes us follow this unique path in the industry.
Walk this path with us!