Montag, 18. Juni 2012

Yes, that's how we like it! Oh Johnny Collection Launch in Zurich.

In times of big retail chains, of faceless brands and entirely homogeneous styles across most parts of this planet, we simply love some fresh air of passion and personality in the industry. Well, thankfully we are not alone with this feeling and so it was just this fresh breeze we could pick up at this weeks launch of the latest collection of OH JOHNNY! The Zurich based Swiss-American journalist Stephanie Rebonati is the face behind the young jewelry label and -this we like most- puts her personal passion for jewelry into the production of each individual piece. In result we can enjoy her unpretentious, calm and elegant line of necklaces, wristbands and pendants. The name of her brand comes from her grandfather John who inspired her to found the label. And, of course, at the collection's launch event in a beautifully hidden antiques atelier in Zurich's Seefeld neighborhood, John joined her to add a remarkably personal atmosphere to the great event.  

Oh Johnny! is available at selected retailers only. See the collection online and be inspired at