Montag, 26. Juli 2010

Exhibition Report: Dysfashional Berlin | Maison Martin Margiela |

In a calming contrast to the breathless hype of this year’s MercedesBenz FashionWeek Berlin, the city hosted the Paris based exhibition "Dysfashional". It is an exhibition that changed our concept of fashion, of art and their overlaps. The pieces displayed, created by some of the most esteemed fashion designers of today, are a refreshing reaction to a "literal" notion of fashion as uni-dimensional collections of clothing and accessories. The prefix "dys" perfectly mirrors this disturbance to the process, the element of blurring the lines between the concept of a garment and a piece of art.

We found "Production Originale" (2007-2009, Produktion Mosign, Luxemburg) by Maison Martin Margiela one of the most inspiring installations. The installation of classical room interiors, reduced to the black and white life-size print of the rooms' walls on simple white screens, creates only an optical illusion of the spaces. This well-thought out and archaic Trompe-l’œil appears as an unmasking of the construction of beauty. It reveals the message that little is needed to evoke what we perceive as beautiful. It is the demystification of design.

This approach of revelation and demystification of design is a touchstone of the integrity of brands in today's hectic luxury fashion industry. For us, this approach gives the chance to reflect on your work and helps us to reach what we call our philosophy:

Passion Of Perfection